Reasons Not to Get SMP at a Tattoo Shop

If you are located in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, and Burlington area, and are considering SMP treatmen, its advisable that you keep in mind that  Scalp micropigmentation and a tattoo are two different things, and if you try to mix both of them then you will surely face problems. A tattoo is done by a tattoo artist whereas scalp micropigmentation is done by experienced professionals and technicians who hold a legitimate degree for this treatment.

Apart from that, the tools and equipment that are used for scalp micropigmentation is completely different from what is used to make a tattoo. Thus, never mingle both together. Many clients look forward to save money and they opt for tattooing their scalp instead of going for the treatment. However, in the process they land into serious trouble. Some face unnecessary medical hassles and make things worse for themselves or have skin infections.

It is true that in both the cases pigments are used to give good color and texture to the scalp, but the quality of pigments used also vary enormously and above all the appearance does not have any similarity between scalp micropigmentation and tattooing. The micropigmentation process has been introduced in the market almost ten years back, but what did people do before that? Obviously, before the emergence of this treatment people did go for tattooing but the end result was certainly a disaster.

As said, both the process uses almost the same features to get their job done. That is, in both the process pigments are injected into the scalp so as to give a look of shaved hair, but the skill set that is required to perform both the tasks are different as well as the background of the practitioners are different. Micropigmentation technicians refer to it as scalp micropigmentation whereas people who work in the tattoo parlors refer to it as hair tattooing. The ones who work in the tattoo parlors cannot give quality service for treatments related to hair stimulation.

Providing a replication of a clean shaven hair can only be given by professionals who have enough knowledge and experience of scalp micropigmentation. And, such process cannot be initiated by people who are just giving a shot at it, in this case, people who make tattoos. Micropigmentation process is undertaken by people who have gathered years of practice in this domain and have basically not done anything else. Even if you consider the skill-set required for performing scalp micropigmentation is identical you also need to take into consideration the fact that the equipment is way different.

For scalp micropigmentation, the needles that are used are basically triple clusters whereas the needles that are used for tattooing are finer and are injected at a greater depth. The pigments that are used for scalp micropigmentation are basically cosmetic pigments whereas the pigments that are used for tattooing are makeup inks which are not suitable for micropigmentation treatment.  HeadPower Hair Clinic, is the leader for Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, and Burlington areas. You can contact them for a free no-obligation consultation

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