Get Back Your Confidence and Hair with SMP Hair Tattoo

In my younger days, I had long curly hair that was sort of my trademark look. My mom used to say that I looked like  the model Fabio when I had my hair tied back in a pony-tail.  Once my hair loss progressed to a noticeable stage I was forced to cut my hair lower to avoid people finding out that I was going bald. At first I could get away with just a lower cut and comb the longer hair over the balding areas, then I had to shave my head lower to avoid detection, finally it came to a point where my hair had to be pretty much bone bald for me to feel confident that people weren’t noticing my problem. After I had the scalp micropigmentation done on myself I can grow my hair longer with the SMP camouflaging the thinning areas of my scalp.  No more straight razors, and much more confidence.

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2 thoughts on “Get Back Your Confidence and Hair with SMP Hair Tattoo

  1. Dwayne Reply

    Many people won’t agree with me but one of the main reason behind the confidence is your hair. You don’t have value for them until they gone totally. And this is a great way to get them back.

  2. Robert Reply

    I’ve never heard of SMP before, but I wish that I’d heard of it before. When I was 18 I had hair that was nearly to my butt, and now I have to shave it bald because I don’t want people to see how bad my hair looks. I’d rather shave it bald, than people see the horrible receding hairline that I have.

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