Scalp Micropigmentation Training – The HeadPower Way. In order to become the best you must learn from the best.

HeadPower SMP Technique is a sophisticated treatment based on high-grade medical pigments and needles. When scalp micropigmentation is performed by an expert trained in the HeadPower technique, the results can be undetectable even from close up. In order to achieve the maximum results the micro particles need to be placed close enough to together to mimic groups of hair follicles, but placed too close the opposite impression is made and can appear as if the scalp is painted. If the dots are too large or far apart the result is simply unnatural spots over the head. Learning the HeadPower SMP technique will ensure that you have the proper training and materials to deliver work class results on your own, without paying franchise fees or getting locked into purchasing expensive treatment kits. Hands-on training with a small group of professionals. In order to become the best you must learn from the best.




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