Amazing Scalp Tattoo Transformation Fixing a Bad Job done by Dodgy Tattoo Parlor

Chris came to us after his head was shaded in by a Tattoo parlor on Bloor street in Toronto. Yep, you heard it right shaded-in like an actual tattoo. No tiny dots to replicate hair follicles like real scalp micro-pigmentation does. After undergoing immense pain as his scalp felt like it was getting ripped apart, the client explained the healing process which sounded like something out of a horror movie. Entire Head swollen and scabbed, itching and weeks of downtime. We were glad to be able to fix things for Chris, he deserves to look and feel his best and his confidence was in shambles before we fixed his bad hair tattoo. If your balding or losing hair, DO NOT go to a tattoo parlor for your treatment. You need to get the procedure done by professionals who specialize in this type of work. HeadPower Hair Clinic are the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation in Canada, and USA. Clients fly in from all across North America to get the procedure done by the best in the business. Distance should be a non-factor if your serious about looking and feeling your best. When you’re ready to change your life for the good, contact the best scalp micro-pigmentation clinic; HeadPower – 1-888-977-6275



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